A1 Power Systems enclosures have been designed and developed by specialist engineers to reduce sound levels and comply with the EC Directive 2000/14/EC.

Our enclosures incorporate the quality features below;

  • Sound proofed
  • Fully weatherproofed.
  • Control panel viewing window in lockable door.
  • Enclosed exhaust system.
  • Excellent access for maintenance.
  • Robust construction.
  • Highly corrosive resistant.
  • Lockable doors.
  • Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access door.
  • Optional forklift pockets.
  • Optional single point lift.
  • Optional bunded tank.

Our enclosures are built to withstand the rough handling common on construction sites, due to their extremely rugged construction. Our enclosures are of modular design with any interchangeable components for onsite repair if permitted.

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A1 Power Systems Ltd have supplied SRS Finlay with the products, service and customer support we need to supply the block making industry. Their professional and competent staff are a pleasure to work with.SRS Finlay