• Mechanical or electronic speed governors.
  • Engine lube oil.
  • Engine sump drain pipe.
  • 3 Phase AC alternator complete with AVR controls.
  • Radiator with 30% antifreeze.
  • Base frame with various earthing points.
  • Vibration isolators located between engine/alternator and baseframe.
  • Base frame optional 8 hour fuel tank complete with filler cap, flexible fuel lines and level guage.
  • Industrial exhaust fitted or supplied loose.
  • Heavy duty starting battery on battery rack located on base frame complete with battery cables and earth strap.
  • Wiring loom fitted to engine and alternator and carried back to control panel.
  • Control Panels (Keystart, Autostart (AMF) or Synchronised) complete with emergency stop and lock push button, 3 pole circuit breaker and starting panel mounted on panel uprights and fitted to chassis.

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A1 Power Systems Ltd have supplied SRS Finlay with the products, service and customer support we need to supply the block making industry. Their professional and competent staff are a pleasure to work with.SRS Finlay